Krishnagar Women’s College

Aurobinda Sarani, Krishnagar , Nadia

Estd- 1958


  1. Name -   GAURDAS SARKAR
  2. Educational Qualification-   M.Sc,M.Phil
  3. Designation- Associate Professor
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  5. Short Profile-

Professor Sarkar has Graduated from Department of Economics,Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira, BelurMath in the year 1988 and completed Post Graduation from Department of Economics,University of Calcutta in the year1990. After that he has prosecuted his M.Phil from Department of Economics,University of Burdwan. He is also a Life Member of Bengal Economic Association.

  1. Research activities-

         a. Projects Completed-

  1. M.Phil

Title:  Growth of Food grains Production in Purulia: An Assessment
Department of Economics, University of Burdwan

  1. 1. Minor Research Project:

Title: Value Judgment: Search for a Pragmatic Welfare Theory


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Publications in Magazine :

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  2. “Higher Education-Present and Future”, Annual Magazine,KWC,2004.
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Seminar Papers Presented:
Regional  Level:




Funding Agency

1.Market Education Linkage


S.R.L Mahavidyalaya,  Majdia


State Level:




Funding Agency

1.Regional Economic Development-Special Emphasis on District Nadia(W.B)

04.04.2007 to 05.04.2007

Krishnagar Government College, Krishnagar.


National  Level:




Funding Agency

1.Issues in Economic Development

13.02.2003 to 14.02.2003

Department of Economics, KU


2.Decentralisation and Regional Economic Development: Theory and Practice

14.03.2008 to 16.03.2008

Department of Economics & Politics, Visva Bharati


  1. Research Interest:- Welfare Economics